Important Information about PP Shri Kakamaharaj's Mahayoga Lineage

Roles and Responsibilities following P. P. Kaka Maharaj’s Departure

Following the departure of P. P. Narayan Kaka Dhekane Maharaj from his earthly body on November 5th, 2012, based on P. P. Kaka Maharaj’s directives in August, 2012, the roles and responsibilities of the Mahayoga leadership will be as follows.

Geographic Responsibilities

When P. P. Kaka Maharaj was in his earthly body, he was ultimately responsible for leading P. P. Loknath Tirth Swami Maharaj’s Maha Yoga Parampara all over the world. Following his departure there will not be one person assigned world-wide responsibility, but rather, the responsibilities will be shared by 14 Deekshadhikaris (those authorized to grant Maha Yoga Deeksha). Their responsibilities will be as follows:

  1. P. P. Shri. Prakash Prabhune Maharaj – In charge of Nashik Ashram and Headquarters, also responsible for Maha Yoga Prachar/Prasar in Gujarat state in India.
  2. P. P. Dr. Shamsundar Deshpande Maharaj – In charge of Thane Ashram, also responsible for Prachar/Prasar in the city of Mumbai and in Kerala state in India, and in all countries outside of India.
  3. P. P. Shri Haribhau Niturkar Maharaj - Responsible for Prachar/Prasar in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka in India.
  4. P. P. Shri Sharad Joshi Maharaj – In charge of Vasudev Niwas Ashram in Pune, also responsible for Prachar/Prasar in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India.
  5. P. P. Shri. Appa Kulkarni Maharaj – Responsible for Prachar/Prasar in the city of Malegaon and in Bihar state in India.
  6. P. P. Shri. Govind Nagnath Pund Maharaj – Responsible for Prachar/Prasar in the city of Aurangabad.
  7. P. P. Shri. Suryakant Rakhe Maharaj – Responsible for Prachar/Prasar in Vidarbha region and Maharashtra state in India.
  8. P. P. Dr. Prakash Saraf Maharaj - Responsible for the early morning Sadhan Baithak in Nashik, the Hoshangabad Event, and Prachar/Prasar in Haryana state in India
  9. P. P. Prof. (Dr.) P. N. Dixit Maharaj - Responsible for Prachar/Prasar in Satara region and Chattisgad in Maharashtra state in India.
  10. P. P. Shri Anil Ghodekar Maharaj - Responsible for the Kashi Ashram events and Prachar/Prasar in Uttar Pradesh state in India.
  11. P. P. Shri Vitthalrao Barve Maharaj – In charge of the Rameshwaram Ashram, also responsible for Prachar/Prasar in Tamil Nadu state in India.
  12. P. P. Shri. Mukund Kaka Thakar Maharaj – Responsible for Prachar/Prasar in Pune city and the Union Territories of Diu and Daman in India.
  13. P. P. Shri. Moreshwarbua Joshi (Charholikar) Maharaj - Responsible for the Pune district and Narsobachi Wadi events and Prachar/Prasar in Rajasthan state in India.
  14. P. P. Shri Bhaskarbhai Hardikar Maharaj - Responsible for Prachar/Prasar in Ahmedabad city in India.

Maha Yoga Deeksha

P. P. Kaka Maharaj has authorized the above Deekshadhikaris to grant Maha Yoga Deeksha to anyone they choose to, at any location, and at any time. But he has directed them to keep in mind that Maha Yoga Deeksha is the Deeksha of the Parampara (lineage) and not of an individual Deekshadhikari, and that they should conduct this sacred duty without getting their egos involved in it. In addition to the authority given to Deekshadhikaris to grant Deeksha on an individual basis, the Deekshadhikaris, representing P. P. Kaka Maharaj’s Parampara, will also collectively grant Deeksha periodically on preannounced Deeksha Days. The last Deeksha Day, as announced a few months ago, was February 13th, 2013. Subsequent Deeksha Days will be jointly decided by the Deekshadhikaris, and as has been the practice thus far, will be announced on the website, our quarterly e-newsletter 'Self Awakening' and through the Yahoo Group.

Guidance to Sadhaks

Sadhaks, who seek guidance by sending their questions to or to, will continue to get responses to their questions based on guidance from the Maha Yoga leadership. Those Sadhaks who want to have their questions answered in person should meet with the Deekshadhikari responsible for their geographic area, most likely the one nearest to them, or a Deekshadhikari of their choosing.

There are no constraints on which of the above Deekshadhikaris the Sadhaks might choose to get in touch with in order to get guidance on Maha Yoga. Contact information for Deekshadhikaris and other Maha Yoga leaders is available on the Contact Us web page.

Maha Yoga Prasar

As has been the case thus far, all Sadhaks are encouraged to participate in Maha Yoga Prasar (spreading the word) whenever and wherever they can. P. P. Kaka Maharaj wanted each and every person in the world to become aware of the great gift of Maha Yoga, and that it is available to all regardless of the differences that divide us as human beings. As was described in the Geographic Responsibilities section above, individual Deekshadhikaris are expected to provide leadership in the geographic areas assigned to them.

Within India, the overall direction of Maha Yoga Prasar will be guided by the Nashik Ashram and P. P. Prakash Prabhune Maharaj. Outside of India, P. P. Dr. Shamsundar Deshpande Maharaj will be responsible for guiding Prasar. P. P. Kaka Maharaj has also reiterated the importance of making each and every one on this planet become aware of the Introductory Practice of Maha Yoga. All Sadhaks are therefore encouraged to make everyone they know aware of how easy it is to practice.