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Yoga Philosophy

 Do we really have “free will” or is everything determined by Prarabdha (destiny)?

 What is the attitude of a self-realized person towards the world around him? Does he feel the same emotions and have similar reactions to the world as do other human beings?

 What happens to us after we die? How is Maha Yoga relevant in this context?

Maha/Siddha Yoga, Shaktipat, Kundalini etc.

 I want to get Siddhi powers. What would be your advice on how I could get Siddhi powers?

 What are the different Chakras? What are the signs of a particular Chakra being opened?

 Can a person become a perfect Siddha/Maha Yogi and still remain a Grihasta (householder)?

 Is it possible for a Maha Yoga Guru to perform miracles?

Mahayoga Benefits

 We are very happy with our lives and we are also very young. Why should we bother with meditation, Sadhan and Maha Yoga? What benefit does it have for us?

 How do I know that Maha Yoga meditation is right for me?

 Is Maha Yoga Sadhan good for children?

Sadhak Behavior

 Is it possible for Siddha/Maha Yoga Sadhaks to relieve the pain of those who are suffering?

 Would the wearing of Rudraksha (special type of rosary beads) aid my Sadhan (meditation)? What other external things can a Sadhak wear/do to help him progress spiritually?

 I hope to receive Maha Yoga Deeksha (initiation) in a few weeks and I am wondering about what the Maha Yoga tradition has to say regarding sexuality. Should Sadhaks be celibate?

Mahayoga and Other Yoga Practices

 Is Raja Yoga the same as Maha Yoga?

 How is Kriya Yoga different from other forms of Yoga, especially Siddha Yoga/Maha Yoga that we have been initiated into?

 What is the difference between Shaktipath and Bhaktipath?

Deeksha (Initiation)

What Deeksha Is?

 Does receiving Deeksha result in the Kundalini Shakti of the Sadhak being activated? Does it result in the automatic opening of the seven Chakras?

 Does one need to receive Deeksha only once? Does it result in the continual purification of the Sadhak once he has received it? How long does it take to reach enlightenment after Deeksha?

 For Shaktipat Deeksha to happen why is it necessary to have a Guru authorized to grant it? Isn’t God’s guidance sufficient for Deeksha to happen?

Where and how to sit for Deeksha?

 I understand that a person desirous of receiving Shaktipat Deeksha does not need to be physically in the presence of P. P. Kaka Maharaj during the Deeksha. How does this happen and work?

 Do I have to sit in my own home to receive Deeksha or during Sadhan after I have received Deeksha?

Who may apply for Deeksha?

 How old does one have to be in order to receive formal initiation (Shaktipat Deeksha) into Maha Yoga?

 Can a Maha Yoga Sadhak be a householder, i.e. get married; have a family, job/business, etc. even if he wants to receive formal initiation (Deeksha)?

Doubts about Deeksha happening

 On the designated day for Deeksha, as instructed, I sat for Sadhana at 6:00 am for an hour. However I did not have any of the Shaktipat experiences described at the website or at other locations. Did I not do something right or did I miss something?

 I am a student and I received Shaktipat Deeksha (Maha Yoga initiation) a few months ago. However, I sometimes worry whether or not P. P. Kaka Maharaj has accepted me as his disciple and whether I will ever get enlightened?

Introductory Approach and Global Trials

 Does the experience a Sadhak gets during the Global Trial Day or during Purva-abhyas (introductory approach to Maha Yoga) constitute a glimpse, or “zalak”, of Shaktipat? Is the Global Trial Day or Purva-abhyas a type of Deeksha?

 I participated in the 'Global Mahayoga Meditation' earlier today. As directed, I sat for meditation at around 6 am. Initially I was expecting something to happen physically, so I was scanning my back to see what happens. But except for some vague sensation in the middle of my back, nothing happened.

Sadhan (Meditation)

Where, when and how to sit for Sadhan?

 Is it fine for me to sit for Sadhan in the presence of my friends or others who have not been initiated?

 I am unable to sit cross-legged on the floor for Sadhan because of stiffness in my body. Is it fine for me to sit for Sadhan in a comfortable chair or sofa?

 Is it fine for Sadhaks to meditate while travelling? If so what precautions should a Sadhak take?

 Why are we asked to sit facing either the North or the East during Sadhan, especially given that Prana Shakti is present everywhere?

What to do and not do during Sadhan?

 While trying to meditate, my mind gets distracted and I start thinking about all kinds of things. How can I keep my mind from getting distracted and to keep observing my breathing for longer periods?

 Is it important to chant Stotras (prayer verses) regularly or is it more beneficial to use that time for Sadhan?

 I have recently received Deeksha, but when I sit for Sadhan I do not have Kriyas happening to me.

Kriyas and Experiences during Sadhan?

 I do Sadhana regularly for 30 to 40 minutes everyday. But I do not get any of the divine experiences I have heard others describe, or are written in books about Maha Yoga. And even after doing Sadhana, sometimes I experience an unexplained fear in my mind. Please advise.

 Why are Kriyas (physical or energy/pranic movements) different for different Sadhaks when it is the same energy (Kundalini Shakti) that is awakened in all?

How/whether to judge progress?

 Guruji, how should we judge whether we are making progress in our Sadhan?

 Is it possible to know how much progress one has made on the path of achieving Samadhi? For example, is it possible to know which Chakras Kundalini has penetrated?

 I received Shaktipat Deeksha through my application to your website and continue sitting for Sadhan for an hour a day. It is a calming experience and I like it, but I have been wondering whether or not I am developing spiritually as one would expect, because I am not really experiencing many Kriyas.

Rules & Restrictions

 With all due respect to our Vedic traditions, I would like to know about the importance of Sadhaks avoiding the consumption of onion and garlic.

 For how long does a Sadhak need to follow restrictions related to eating non-vegetarian food, garlic, onions, etc.? Is there a stage beyond which such restrictions do not matter?

 I have taken Deeksha, but due to a severe case of diabetes my doctor has advised me to include eggs and chicken in my diet. Please advise me on what I should do?

 I am a heartfelt seeker who would love to receive Shaktipat Deeksha. However, I have certain medical conditions that make it hard for me to quit eating meat or eggs.  For the past several months I have been working on reducing my egg and meat consumption and in fixing my medical problems, which would enable me to become a complete vegetarian which is a whole hearted intention of mine. May I still qualify to receive Shaktipat Deeksha?

 Are there any restrictions on the timing of food intake before and after Sadhan? Do these restrictions also apply to Sadhaks who have not received formal Deeksha (initiation) but are following Maha Yoga Purvabhyas (introductory approach to Maha Yoga)?

 Although I have given up eating fish, meat, onion and garlic, there are a few occasions when I am forced to eat preparations where onion and garlic are used, especially when I go for social occasions such as weddings, birthday parties, visits to friends and relatives or an occasional visit to a restaurant. Though I scrupulously avoid non-vegetarian food, I sometimes cannot avoid food, which though vegetarian may contain onions and/or garlic. What is the remedy for this?

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