Introductory Practice - Precursor to Mahayoga

An introductory approach (precursor) is available to those who are interested in Maha Yoga, but for whatever reasons, are not yet desirous of getting formally initiated. This approach can be performed by anyone desirous of getting a taste for what Maha Yoga can help them achieve without making the commitments needed for a formal initiation.

It is as follows:

  • Sit comfortably, preferably on a padded/carpeted floor or yoga-mat, and close your eyes. Some of you may feel a wave of subtle energy rise up along your spine.

  • Keep the body completely relaxed.

  • Breathe normally and keep the mind engaged in observing your involuntary breathing.

  • Think that you are not the body but only the pure air which is the gross manifestation of Prana (Life Energy).

  • Let your body be relaxed and free to do whatever happens, just observe your involuntary breathing or any physical or mental activities (kriyas).

  • If you find yourself getting distracted by random thoughts do not try to suppress them, instead, direct your attention back to your involuntary breathing or kriyas if they are occurring.

  • Try this daily for 3 to 18 minutes or more. Do not open your eyes unless you feel the urge to

Diligent daily practice of this approach, even without getting formally initiated, will lead to a diminishing of the normal clutter in one’s brain, providing the practitioner glimpses of Chaitanya Shakti (Universal Life Energy). This is the preliminary stage of the path leading to supreme bliss.