P.P. Loknathtirth Swami Maharaj Mahayoga Trust

The P.P. Shri Loknath Tirth Swami Maharaj Mahayoga Trust (main branch Nashik) is a charitable trust, was founded in the year 1986 registered under number E-494-Nashik/86 at Nashik. Donations to the trust are tax-exempt under the Indian Income Tax Act section 80G.

P.P. Shi Loknath Tirth Swami Maharaj was one of the high ordened spiritual masters in the tradition commencing from P.P. Shri Gangadhar Tirth Swami Maharaj, P.P. Shri Narayandeo Tirth, P.P. Shri Shankarpurshottam Tirth Swami Maharaj.

Goddess Bhagvati passed an order to P.P. Shri Loknath Tirth Swami Maharaj to move down to southern part of India (Bharat) for canvassing this highest spiritual path for the thirsty disciples aspiring high altitudes in spiritualism.

P.P. Shri Loknath Tirth Swami Maharaj thus started further propagating this Siddhayoga Path in Maharashtra and gave further orders to spread this path by initiating disciples who were waiting for such high path .P.P. Shri Gulavani Maharaj and further P.P.Shri Datta Maharaj Kavishwar have tried their best to adorn the people with Shaktipat Diksha which is considered as the cheapest, simplest and the highest in the spiritual world. This path was further being extended by Shri P.P. Shri Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj to keep the tradition well progressing.

The Trust owns its own building measuring 611 sq. meters at Nashik at Gangapur Road near Pumping Station for the daily routine of offerings as well as the main aspect of the meditation in the basement hall provided in the building.

The Trust also conducts different ceremonies/events at regular intervals by gathering all the disciples for the sadhana and further means and methods for furthering this path in order to let people know about this amazing readily experienceable and approachable by any desirous individual who would commit to the rules of this path for obtaining the desired effect of experiencing different landmarks to reach the ultimate goal of unison with the almighty. Celebration of the birth centenary of PP Shri Loknath Tirth Swami Maharaj was one such auspicious ceremony in 1991 which was started with about one thousand disciples who attended the gathering along with the master authorites initiating for this path. These gatherings are arranged generally after every three years. In 2012, we held the first "Mahayoga Global Meet" in Pune. Participants from 36 countries attended the day and a half long event.

In order to propagate to the public at large we have a booklet Mahayoga (Siddhayog) in different languages i.e. Marathi, Gujarathi, Hindi, English and Telugu and so on. Also Mahayog Deepikas (Mahayoga Magazine) are published at intervals for information to the people.

We have commenced developing the contact centers for the spread of this path to the whole world.

We have developed a website of this path registered as www.mahayoga.org and we are trying to communicate the other servers who have also promised to spread this nectarious path to the whole world. By this recent spreading technique, perhaps with the least cost; in the wake of mother power in every individual by the simplest method of Siddha Sankalpa (Powerfull will). We pray Lord Gurudeo to push up every aspect of our human efforts by embibing mother's real power for furthering to all the people with the ultimate goal, "Sarveapi Siddhayoga Dikshitaha Bhavantu" (Let the whole world walk the path of Siddhayoga/Mahayoga)


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